About the vaporization of essential oils – from a medical-natural aspect

About the vaporization of essential oils – from a medical-natural aspect

Above its mood-improving elements the proven virucide, bactericidal, fungicide effects of the essential oils is as well important. The intensity of the above-mentioned effects changes by oils therefore the most effective way to use them is in form of synergies. Especially at wintertime, when we are forced to stay at home, in the office, school, nurseries it gets a higher importance. We spend less time on fresh air and therefore have a higher chance to get sick at fall-winter time.

By vaporizing essential oils, we have two ways to fight against diseases: on one hand through our skin and nose the small particles of the oils get into our bodies where they can start fighting the existing intruders, on the other hand they are able to eliminate disease agents already in the air.

To vaporize essential oils we have a wide range of possibilities from the very basic home-made techniques till more complicated technologies.

  levendula-kicsi-logo We can put a small ceramic pot on the radiator, heater and drop a few drops of the chosen essential oil.

  levendula-kicsi-logo By setting light to an aroma lamp besides ensuring a cozy, romantic atmosphere, the heat of the candle indicates the vaporizing of the water, which spreads the essential oil into the air. We cannot leave the lamp on its own. Especially in case of families with smaller kids need to pay attention, furthermore if the oil burns it can spread harmful material into the air.

  levendula-kicsi-logo The different unpainted ceramic figurines can be used securely and easily. They vaporize the essential oils cold and slowly.

  levendula-kicsi-logo Modern shape and secure usage characterizes the aroma diffusers, which can be operated from electric network or from an accumulator. Without heating and with an ultrasound technology they can further atomize the essential oils (compared to their traditional partners) which fosters the therapeutic effect of the vaporizer.

Since the particulars of the essential oils are measurable in the blood flow even couple of seconds after inhaling only the 100% pure, controlled organic essential oils are advised with full responsiblity.

Ildikó Demján, MD

doctor, natural medicine specialist, aromatherapist

The first harvesting of 2014 has begun

 This year's spring weather has fooled us a little bit, trees started to flower almost one month ahead compared to their natural flow. Despite of the unusual weather circumstances such as every year we could start harvesting the Lavandula angustifolia in the second part of June.
The sight of a major lavender farm is one of the sweetest, most beautiful things on Earth. Harvesting is on the other hand a hard physical work, whereby we even need to be prepared against the nosy bees. Besides the probably several-day long harvesting we constantly distillate the essential oils from the freshly gathered lavender flowers in order to preserve its aroma and effect and to keep the top-quality of our products.

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